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Niño is regularly seen a potter proudly with his wicker basket in his mouth shopping for his owner (Photo: Andalou)

An abused dog who was abandoned in a park repaid the ultimate favor to his loving owner who saved him.

Niño became somewhat of a celebrity in his neighborhood in Bogotá, Colombia, and purchased food for his shield owner during the pandemic.

Owner José Ever Henao, 62, falls into the high-risk category and has been trying to stay home as much as possible since the virus broke out in the South American country.

But the well-trained Niño relieved José by shopping, and he is regularly seen trotting to the shops with a basket in his mouth, a shopping list and money.

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Local traders know what to do when they see Niño, they check the list, load his basket, take their due, then the loyal dog takes him back to his owner.

He never eats at the grocery store and he never departs from work at hand, his owner told local news site El Tiempo.

José took Niño eight years ago, after being thrown out of a moving van and left in a park in the Primavera area, and his then-owners never stopped to check if he had survived .

Posted Date: 2020-07-23

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